We offer bio-hazard and environmental clearance and cleaning services such as needle sweeps, sharps removals, extreme hoarders clearances and cleans, human and animal excrement removal and cleaning and much more.


When we come to remove your bio-waste we always ensure it is disposed of in the correct manners for needles they will go to into our sharps bin and are collected by professionals for bio-waste it is always taken to be incinerated or disposed of in a legal and professional manner.


We are trained professionals with years of experience cleaning and clearing dangerous waste, we own all of the appropriate PPE and equipment to ensure everyone's safety. There all kinds of risks that you face when dealing with bio-hazards which is why you should leave it to the professionals. We offer this service in Lincoln and all over Lincolnshire and we are fully insured to carry out this kind of work.


Benefits of our Bio Clearance & Cleaning Service.

When dealing with bio hazards and sharps it is recommended you seek trained professionals. We hold all of the necessary training and insurances.

  No risk to yourself
  Prompt and punctual removing biohazards as quickly as possible
 Safe and professional service
  All bio waste is disposed of legally and professionaly
  Competitive prices

Fully trained and insured to undertake all bio hazard clearances and cleans, each one of our team members is professional and discreet.
With years of experience you can rest assured knowing that you're bio clean or clearance will be executed to the highest of standards.
We guarantee all of the work we deliver and our 5 star 100% positive feedback from all of our clientele speaks for itself.
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